Matthew L. Thurman, DDS accepts BlueCross-Blue Shield of TN, MetLife, Delta Dental, and Cigna dental insurance plans.

Please bring your insurance card with you when you come for an appointment.

Know Your Policy

It is important that you contact your dental insurance company prior to any appointment, and discuss with them your policy and benefits in relation to our office. If you need assistance obtaining this information, please contact our office.

Know Your Benefits

Dental Insurance rarely pays all dental expenses, so you will need to check with your insurance provider in order to be prepared for any amounts that you will be responsible for. It is very important for you to know your annual maximum amount, your frequency restrictions on certain procedures, any waiting periods, along with any exclusions. Please know that our ability to obtain certain details of your policy is restricted. We will attempt to give you the most accurate estimates of payment, however these can change depending on the parameters of coverage. 

Payment Information

Matthew L.Thurman, DDS Payment Information

We understand that dentistry is often an investment. We ask that you please pay your estimated portion due at the time your service is rendered.
   • We will always attempt to advise of the estimated amount prior to treatment. Please ask if we do not provide this information.
   • We need to verify your dental insurance coverage and benefits prior to your appointment.
   • If we are unable to verify, we ask you to pay the full amount due at the time of appointment and will refund you in the event your insurance does pay.

Insurance and the human body are often unpredictable, so quotes are estimated amounts and can change; occasionally it is necessary to adjust your payment due after the insurance benefits are received.

Patient Payment Responsibility

I understand it is my responsibility, and not the dental office’s responsibility, to know the terms and limits of my own insurance coverage.

I understand that all insurance payments quoted by the practice are only estimates and cannot be guaranteed.

I understand that I am responsible for all charges, regardless of the actual insurance payment.

Overdue balances may be subject to an interest charge of 1.5% per month (18% per year) or submission to a national collection agency.  If outside collections are necessary, I understand that I am responsible for all collection expenses, additional handling fees, and any court fees.

I authorize insurance payments be made directly to the dentist.  I also approve the release of any medical care information requested by my insurance carrier.


Payment Options

To save you money and afford the dental services you need we offer the following payment options:
  • Cash/Check - includes money orders
  • Visa/Mastercard
  • CareCredit - a no-interest monthly payment plan or low interest low term plans offered by CareCredit or call 866-893-7864
  • Financial Coordinator - available to discuss other financial options
  • Non-Insurance Customers - Pre-Pay Cash Courtesy of 5% discount when you pay in full for all treatments other than cleanings
* No In-House Financing Available